Tonkinese are a very special breed. Not only are they beautiful, but they are the ideal companions as they are social with other cats and animals, very playful, intelligent and affectionate.

Below we have compiled some links where you can find more information about Tonks

Colors: here you can see some of the beautiful colors that Tonks come in. Depending on the registering body / associations not all colors and patterns are recognized in every country.

Pedigree Database: the Tonkinese pedigree database is a brainchild of mine. It started out as a way to map the pedigrees and lines of European Tonks to help breeders make decisions on planned matings and buying new breeding cats. It has since expanded to include Tonkinese from around the world.

Standards: this page assembles links to the different Tonkinese standards around the world.

Clubs: here you can find some clubs and/or interest groups that are Tonk specific. They usually also include a breeder/kitten list, so this might be a good starting point to find your new Tonkinese companion.