Tonkinese blue mink, DoB: 02-08-2008
Sire: Taiyoukai Kami-Kaze Jindujun, THA n
Dam: Nashira’s Corazón indomable, TOS j 32


I am heartbroken: I have lost my sweet little Fahma all too soon. I know she wasn’t the most beautiful Tonk (some even called her ugly), but I loved her dearly, including her Dumbo ears. Some cats are just extra-special, their souls shine, and Fahma was such a cat. She was sort of unassuming in that she got along with all the other cats, but at the same time she was extremely affectionate, friendly to visitors and a sweet nanny to all the kittens. A few years ago I tried rehoming Fahma (as I felt she would thrive in a home where she would get more attention). I take all my adult cats to their new home as I feel the right fit is especially important for adult cats that are more set in their ways than kittens. It was such an awful place that I packed her up again and took her right back home. At that moment I decided that there would be no more attempts at rehoming and that she obviously was meant to stay with me. She was very unproblematic, so she was just part of my cat group. Unfortuntely her health wasn’t the best, but about a month ago she had her teeth done and after that she improved greatly and even regained her old weight. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped eating on Monday, so I took her to the clinic the next day, thinking that with a few antibiotics she would be alright. The attending vet thought that she should be put on the drip, so I left her overnight. Wednesday she was checked over thouroughly, and the diagnosis was devastating. I went to visit her and to discuss the necessary surgery, but when I saw her and how much she had disintergrated even overnight, I knew the only right thing to do was to let her go, though I wanted nothing more than implore them to proceed with the surgery. But with her various serious problems and her underlying condition a good outcome was more than questionable, had she survived the surgery, and even then the long recovery would have been very painful and uncomfortable for her. I feel it was the right decision, but it hurts so much.
I hope that in a few weeks when the sharpness of pain has faded a little, I can look at pictures of her again and remember what a special, sweet-natured little soul she was and what joy she brought to my life while she was in my keeping. Rest in peace, litte Fahma. You will always stay in my heart.